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Julianne Hough On Her Healthy Eating And Workout Routine

The second I saw Julianne Hough on the cover of Women’s Health’s Naked Strength issue, I had to know: What is she doing to get that strong, beautiful body?

The Dancing With The Stars vet and America’s Got Talent judge definitely makes eating well and staying active a priority: She says she exercises five days a week in the mornings—even though she’s not a morning person…

Julianne Hough Invented Kinrgy, The SoulCycle Of Dance

Julianne Hough’s list of accolades is already quite impressive: award-winning dancer, America’s Got Talent judge, Dancing with the Stars pro and judge, mountain climber, singer. Next up for Julianne: fitness entrepreneur, according to her recent interview with Women’s Health for its Naked Strength issue.

Julianne’s method is focused on dance, natch. She developed Kinrgy (kin as in family and kinesthetic, plus energy) to encourage others to move freely and feel transformed, too…

Gabrielle Union Says She Does Cardio For Just 18 Minutes Each Week

If you’ve taken a peek at Gabrielle Union’s Insta recently, you’re well acquainted with her strong bod. (Hello, she totally rocked her Bring It On uniform for Halloween and looked as fit as her Clovers cheerleader days.)

At 47, Gabrielle maintains her strong bod with regular sweat sessions, and it definitely shows. But, she doesn’t spend hours and hours in the gym (she’s a mom and actress after all). In fact, she fits in about three 50-minute workouts each week. Most of that time goes to full-body strength training moves.

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