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Meet The Health And Wellness Trends That Will Change Your Life In 2021

Rethink your routines and care for yourself in brand-new ways after a year of flux. So ready!

New Year who dis? A seismic shift hit 2020 (to say the least) and reverberated through all of us. It threw our priorities and goals and day-to-day habits into a high-speed blender. The topsy-turvy time also offered up an opportunity to reset, embrace the unexpected, and figure out how to keep going. Would 2019 you recognize the 2020 version?

Maybe not, but it’s okay. Out went packed race corrals and after-work happy hours. In came pure joy, sweating in unfamiliar ways, and treating your mental health with real TLC. Resettling into the new world was a bit scary at first, but now: The silver linings are everywhere.

Take these trends, turn ’em into goals, and soon, you’ll have your own breakthroughs to FaceTime with friends about in 2021. Try one, two…or all of them. New you, indeed.

Blaze A New Trail

Millions of women are trading pavement for paths and reaping extra benefits. Here, your guide to taking runs off the road and into the wild.

  • Safety First: Every trail-happy runner needs these smart tips.
  • Fuel Rules: Your bod needs more sustenance when running off-road compared with on-, due to the obstacles you’re maneuvering around…
  • Stride Right: Three simple ways you can tweak your form to get the most out of your miles.

‘Riverdale’s’ Camila Mendes’ Workouts Include Pilates, Yoga, And Solo Gym Sessions

Riverdale’s Camila Mendes sand-boarded her way through her Women’s Health October issue cover shoot looking like a total natural. That’s probably because she swears by a mix of eclectic workouts that keep her super-fit and ready for anything.

Camila tells Women’s Health she caught the workout bug at 15, when she started joining her mom at the gym. “I just started working out and loved it,” she says…

Julianne Hough Invented Kinrgy, The SoulCycle Of Dance

Julianne Hough’s list of accolades is already quite impressive: award-winning dancer, America’s Got Talent judge, Dancing with the Stars pro and judge, mountain climber, singer. Next up for Julianne: fitness entrepreneur, according to her recent interview with Women’s Health for its Naked Strength issue.

Julianne’s method is focused on dance, natch. She developed Kinrgy (kin as in family and kinesthetic, plus energy) to encourage others to move freely and feel transformed, too…

What’s The Enneagram Test? Plus What To Do With Your Results

If you spend enough time on Instagram, you’ll soon realize that there’s a new trend in town: the Enneagram test. At its most basic, the Enneagram is a personality typing tool (à la Meyers-Briggs) that distills your behaviors, thinking patterns, and feelings into a numerical “type”…

Doctors Are Flocking To TikTok To Spread The Word About Fertility, Sex Ed, And More

If you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy and thought, wow this would be so much better if the doctors started breaking it down, you’re in luck. Doctors are doing double duty dancing and dishing out credible medical info on TikTok.

That’s right: M.D.s and D.O.s are taking to the new-ish platform to teach users about specific mental and physical health conditions and spread awareness on timely topics…

Should You Work From Home Amid The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic?

 There are simple ways to switch up your routine to keep yourself healthy, starting with remote work during the COVID-19 outbreak—something that employers should already be considering, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…

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