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Here’s the Real (Science-Backed!) Reason Why We Love Home Reno Shows So Much

People are flipping out over house flipping, raving over renos, and positively dizzy over design. They have been for many years, starting when “This Old House” debuted in February 1979 on PBS and began its impressive 40-plus-year run. Without this old-school take on home improvement, HGTV’s line up and very existence would look very different…

Costco Is Selling These Gorgeous Succulent Gardens

Succulents are irresistible. They play into our love of tiny things and bringing a bit of nature indoors. Plus, they’re generally a low-maintenance, no-green-thumb-required houseplant. As a result, they have an unexplainable magnetism that pulls you in and convinces you to buy them every single time. But nobody’s complaining…

I Tried This ‘House Hunters’ Reddit Hack That Predicts Every Winner

Much of the appeal of watching “House Hunters” is playing detective, tuning into side comments and reactions that hint at what the ultimate house will be. You’ll be tempted to learn the secret to predicting the outcomes, like me. However, you might sincerely regret it once you know because all future “House Hunters” viewings will be forever changed. Consider yourself warned, far more than I was before embarking on this experiment, which began with a Reddit thread

Why We Love Tiny Houses (But Don’t Want to Live In One)

Many inner city apartments are, by the numbers, not too far removed from a tiny house. Yet, in terms of charm and appeal, tiny houses are in a whole different galaxy.

Through gorgeous feats of space-conscious engineering, tiny houses manage to pack the true necessities of a home into 500 (or sometimes fewer) square feet. They’re downright adorable, so we can’t help but obsess over every inch of them and the simpler way of life they represent…

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