Snowboard Traveler

I created Snowboard Traveler with my husband Jeff to be an enthusiast resource for riders and skiers of all abilities. Our mission is to introduce you to your next favorite mountain. That next mountain may be a small local hill in Idaho, a posh world-renowned resort in Colorado, or a colossal ski network in Italy. We create entertaining and informative mountain guides to help snowboarders and skiers of all abilities discover the best mountains for shredding and enjoy everything off the slope as well.

Have Snowboard Will Travel

We don’t live as close to the big mountains as we’d like, so we make multiple snowboarding trips every winter. We do extensive research before each new destination. Here, we share what we’ve learned exploring ski resorts around the world.

We ride and survey all the terrain, from beginner carpets to intermediate groomers and up to extreme rocky chutes. We are expert riders, but we also share tips for beginners and intermediate snowboarders (because we’ve been there, too) to make the most of every mountain.

We welcome you to join us as we explore ski resorts big and small, near and far. Follow along for expert tips on planning the best snowboarding vacations, in-depth video mountain guides, and the best things to see and do in the mountain towns. Find all this and more here and on the Snowboard Traveler Youtube Channel.

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